Google Wants You To Try Out Its New OS Called Fuchsia!

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Internet giant Google has released its mysterious Fuchsia operating system for developers to test it on its high end Pixelbook and also contribute to its development,

Google has been working on Fuchsia operating system for around a year now, and Google hasn't made it clear whether Fuchsia open source OS would in future be a replacement for Android or chrome OS.

Procedures and installation guide needed for developers to install Fuchsia on a Pixelbook which runs a Chrome OS have been released by Google.

Google explains in the installation guide that the new OS can also run on the Acer Switch 12 and Intel NUC. Developers working on Fuchsia were also aiming for it to run on Blackberry Pi 3. And also, the OS doesn't support ARM-based systems.

However, installation process for Fuchsia which is called 'paving' seems complicated. The installation relies on two machines, one machine acts as the target and runs Fuchsia while the second serves as the host where Fuchsia is built with install media and from which the operating system is streamed to the target.

"The Fuchsia install process, called 'paving', requires two machines, the machine on which you wan to run Fuchsia ('target) and the machine on which you build Fuchsia ('host),"Google explained in the installation guide.

"Host and target must be able to communicate over a local are network. On your host system you will build Fuchsia, create a piece of install media, and stream a large portion of he system over the network to the target."

Fuchsia which is not based on linux but Zircon, is designed for larger memory devices with faster processors such as smartphones and PCs.

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