Cryptocurrency Startup Absconds With Users Funds, Leaves Penis On Website

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cryptocurrency startup called Prodeum has absconded with investors funds and left the word 'Penis' for investors to see and do their worst.

Prodeum launched an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which they promised to revolutionise the fruit and vegetable industry using digital addresses on a blockchain.

The company claimed they were going to make it easy for consumers to track their supply of vegetables and fruits via a new price look-up (PLU) code system. This idea was widely embraced by many.

However, investors were left in a state of shock over the weekend when the company brought down the old website layout and replaced it with a white background which had the word pen!s written on it. This happened on January 28. You can view Prodeum's penis webpage as posted by this Reddit user.

Prodeum which claimed to be based in Lithuania has even gone further to delete its Twitter account and as well delete the founders LinkedIn profile account allegedly belonging to the founder, Jandric.

Some Twitters users have pointed out that Prodeum paid Fiverr users to write their brand name on their bodies and post the images on social media.
The amount stolen by Prodeum from its investors still remain unknown, though Bitcoin NewsToday puts the amount at $6 million.

Last year, cryptocurrency investments such as BitPetite and Confido stole all her investors crypto coins and vanished into thin air.

Cryptocurrency has all the controversies. Last week, a Japanese exchange announced that it suffered a massive breach and lost almost half a billion US dollars worth of cryptocurrency in the attack. The crypto exchange firm has however agreed to pay its investors that lost their funds during the cause of the attack.

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