BuckHacker Search Engine Lets You To Easily Find Hackable Servers

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You might find it as a surprise that many people today still leave private data on exposed servers. These exposed servers, when given the right tool, can be easily accessed by anyone.

 In the past, you must have heard about Shodan - the search engine tool used by hackers to find exposed servers. Interestingly, some developers too have teamed together and created a search engine tool called BuckHacker.

BuckHacker makes the process of finding exposed servers easy and less difficult. The developers explained that BuckHacker was made to help test the security measures employed by web servers and didn't require the user having any knowledge in the IT security field.

The search engine allows anyone to search for servers that are hackable using bucket name or filename. The search engine also returns entries that are named "Access Denied" and "The specified bucket does not exist."

This search engine also collect bucket names including their index pages. And the results are stored in a database which can be searched later by other users.

For now, the Buckhacker project is still in the early stage of development and still unstable. Details regarding release data or other related information are still scanty.

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