iPhone Explodes In Hair Salon

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Some days ago, an Apple AirPod owner claimed that his right AirPod exploded while he was exercising at the gym. Now, there's news of another Apple product that exploded but this time an iPhone.

This incident happened in a hair salon in Vietnam. According to a CCTV footage, a hair stylist is attending to a customer while another person who appears to look like a worker in the saloon looks on.

Suddenly a bright light flashes below the CCTV cameras followed by a bang in what appears to be an explosion. A female worker who appears to be sitting near the exploded device moves away from the scene and can be seen to be visibly stunned from the sound.

One of the male workers quickly rushes towards the exploded device and then begins to take pictures of the device. The male worker said the exploded device was an iPhone, and from the picture, a device that looks like an iPhone 6S can be seen.

Last month, an iPhone battery exploded in a Chinese computer store when a man bite the battery so as to test if the battery was genuine or fake

Last year, shortly after Apple released the iPhone 8, consumers across the globe began to complain of battery swelling issues with the iPhone 8 plus. 

Apple is yet to comment on this incident.

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