How To Scan And Remove A Spyware From Your Smartphone In 2022

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There are several ways in which your Android device can be spied upon. But the most important part is how the spyware got into the device.

Android spyware can be gotten when another person accesses the person's phone and install a spyware application. Another way is if the owner of the device downloads a malware-infested app and then installs it on their droid device. One thing you have to know is that most of these malware app looks innocent and usually come with a very important feature to woe people to download them. A good example is the GoKeyboard.

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Apart from these malware spyware apps. there are some legitimate apps on the Google Play Store which does spy on people. Google doesn't block these apps because they are used for purposes such as; parents monitoring their kid's online activities and even some spouses install these apps on their devices to monitor each other's movements.

So how do you detect if these spyware apps are on your Android device? You can find common signs below;

1. Phone that is unusually hot
2. Phone suddenly losing power
3. Phone rebooting constantly or at intervals
4. Video scripts causing your device to reboot or numbers appearing on your screen
These are the common signs that spyware is on your device. However, it is worth noting that the above symptoms might not be spyware but another form of malware on your droid device.

While the above might be the common signs of a spyware on your droid device, the above might also be happening as a result of a malfunction on your smartphone and not necessarily be that a malware is present on it.

To be fully sure that your droid device is safe, it is recommended that you always update your anti-virus software to the latest version, and always use a VPN to surf the web and protect your device. Use an anti-spyware app like Anti Spy to scan for malicious activities on your device.

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