This Yotube App Allows You To Watch Videos Without Internet

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Today would be looking at how you can watch videos on You Tube without making use of the internet.

Google recently launched an app called You Tube GO aimed at slow networks like 2G connection that buffers video while users streaming. The app makes streaming on slow networks fluent without buffering during the video play.

Another interesting feature of this app is that it allows users to watch Youtube videos offline and also share videos among peers. Apart from those mentioned, there are other interesting features on this app too. Find these features below.

1. Share Video Easily:
Users can easily share videos to families and friends nearby at no data cost as you won't be needing the internet to perform this task. Video transfer between devices is "super-speed fast" as users an get this done in seconds!
Everything is done offline.

2. Video Downloads:
  This app has the capability to allow users download Youtube videos without the need of a third party app. This function is helpful for those who loves to keep collection of their favourite videos...and of course, there won't be any need for you to worry over the thought of contracting a malware via third party apps.

3. Preview Videos:
 Youtube users can easily preview any video and get an insight before deciding to watch it or not. During preview, users don't get to view the whole video but a portion that tells them what the content is all about. This feature helps in saving data and users time.

4. Watch Videos Offline:
 This app allows users to watch videos at a later period of time, any where without the need of internet connection. These are the Youtube videos that have been stored on your smartphone.

5. Fast Connection, No hanging of device.
  With this Youtube app, users don't have to worry about their smartphone device handing or slowing down due to their Youtube activities. This app was made to work with less storage and slow speed, and even work with older Android versions dating back to Android 4.1 Jellybean.

6. Control Your Data:
 This app let users to decide to if they want to download or watch a video, and also select the quality of the video which greatly affects the users data.

Click here to download Youtube Go

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