Raid: Free Unlimited Internet Trick On Tigo Senegal

Pappi Hex

This free unlimited Internet trick which is blazing hot is for another African French speaking country on the Tigo network.

Senegal Tigo users can enjoy this free unlimited internet that is blazing right now. The trick works on all device if the user follows the simple steps in configuring it. Tunneling apps that can work with this trick includes Psiphon VPN, OpenVPN, HTTP Injector, QueenCee VPN and host of others.

The type of device that you are using doesn't matter, whether be it Android, iOS, PC etc, All that matters is if your Operating System platform supports tunneling apps. If yes, then you are good!

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1. A Tigo Senegal SIM card
2. Your device
3. A tunneling app
4. The free Internet configurations

1. Click here to download any tunneling app of your choice
2. Kindly ensure to use your default Access Point Settings
3. Install and then open your XP Psiphon app
4. Move your finger and swipe from left to right to reveal the menu
5. Click on XP Generator
6. Now configure this way:
   Proxy: Click here to access the host and the port
   Real Proxy Type: Default
   Proxy Type: Real Host
   Remote Proxy: None
   Server: New Server
7. Save and connect. Wait for it for some minutes for it to connect to the internet and then enjoy free unlimited Internet access.

 Feel free to drop your complaints if you encounter any error by chance.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your actions and usage of it. Techfoe only drop such to alet ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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  1. What about Zambia?
    Is there any free internet settings.

  2. pls i really need ghana unlimited internet plsss...kindly provide us

  3. @pappi hex
    Plz can u plz make for comoros also

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