Raid: Free Unlimited Internet Trick Raid Update For SA, ZM, KY And Camtel Cameroon Free Unlimited Internet Trick

Pappi Hex

Hello guys, its still the free Internet raid trick but before we proceed to the trick of the day, i will have to update you guys on the happenings and the next tricks that i would post before wrapping up this Raid.

I haven't posted any free Internet trick due to me not having the time. However, i hope to drop free tricks for users in Congo, Mozambique, Comoros, Romania and some other regions.To wrap up the free Internet trick raid, i will then create for South Africa, Zambia and maybe Kenya. I hope to create to the time and create tricks for those regions that i just mentioned.

Now back to the trick of the day, this Camtel free unlimited Internet is currently blazing hot right now and its easy to configure for it to work on any device that has a web browser. A tunneling app is recommended for those whose platform have one. Those whose platform doesn't can just tap the settings and use it direct.

Kindly click here to join our Telegram channel for more free unlimited trick update and then follow the below procedure to enjoy the trick.

1. A Camtel simc ard
2. Your browsing device
3. A tunneling app for better performance (find link to download app below)
4. The configurations

1. Click here to download the tunneling app of your choice
2. Open the app and then install.
3. Configure this way:
    Port: 8080
    Host: click her to access host
4. When you are done configuring all the above, connect and enjoy free unlimited Internet access.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your actions and usage of it. Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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  1. Eagerly waiting for the one working in Uganda

    1. Kindly message me on Telegram.. but indicate your name too.

  2. Hallo dear i can be helping u to test free tricks in Zambia my watsap and telegram is +2260973594514

    1. Sorry the number is +260973594514

    2. Digits taken.. lemme message you on Telegram. Hope you are readily available.

  3. Yes am always available on +260973594514

  4. Hello bro! please post free internet trick in srilanka

  5. Bro still waiting for your inbox post..

  6. Hey buddy help us out in SA it's been a while, how can one contact you

  7. hello pappi hex can u make a trick for zimbabwe

  8. Hey pappi when are you sending configurations for south African users?

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