Inmates Hack Prison Computer Systems To Transfer $225,000

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Prison inmates at the Idaho Department of Correction have hacked the system and transferred almost $225,000 in their accounts.

At Idaho Department of Correction, inmates are provided with computers tablets manufactured by a Florida based company called JPay. CenturyLink, a telecommunication company headquartered in Louisiana powers the communications and data services.

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The use of these tablets are for the inmates to send mails to their loved ones and friends, play games and access educational programes that will help against behavioral change. However, the inmates somehow managed to successfully hack their tablets to transfer a combined sum of $225,000 in their account.

According to reports from The Associated Press, the hack was possible after inmates exploited a vulnerability in a software on JPay tablets which inmates transferred over $1,000 to their accounts. One inmate is said to have transferred over $10,000. The total figure transferred reach almost $225,000.

"This conduct was intentional, not accidental. It required a knowledge of the JPay system and multiple actions by every inmate who exploit the system's vulnerability to improperly credit their account," Jeff Ray, spokesman for Idaho Department of Correction said.

JPay so far has been able to recover over $65,000 in credits, though the company has suspend the downloading of games and music until it compensated for the loss. Sending of mails are still ope for the inmates.

"JPay is proud to provide services that allows incarcerated individuals to communicate with friends and family, access educational programming, and enjoy positive entertainment options that help prevent behavioral issues," JPay spokesman Jade Trombetta said in a statement. "While the vast majority of individuals use our secure technology appropriately, we are continually working to improve our products to prevent any attempts at misuse."

This won't be the first that a prison computer is altered for other another purpose. Last year December, a US court sentenced a Michigan man for hacking into the government computer system at Washtenaw County jail to alter inmates record so as to pave way for the early release of his friend who was serving jail time.

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