PUBG Mobile Beta Now Available for Android, Lets You Try Unreleased Features

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Tencent Games has released a Beta PUBG Mobile for Android users who love to try out new upcoming features before their official release.

As you all know, anything that is in a beta stage is prone to have bugs and issues because its still underdevelopment. Its the feedback from the beta users that will help improve it and pace way for its release.

The beta programme is already running but shows as full on the Google Play Store, which means if you haven't register before, you won't be able to be part of the programme. However, a warning message display that space may open up in the future for Beta PUBG Mobile, so if you are interested, you will just have to be patient till then.

Those who are part of the beta version will be able to see what the version 0.7.0 of PUBG Mobile will have to offer when it arrives.

According to Android Police, the Beta PUBG Mobile includes an Arcade Mode - War, a new faster version of the Arcade Mode. A new weapon - the SLR sniper rifle will be included. Another feature called the Portable Closet will be included too. This Portable Closet will allow users to change their clothes during a match. However, do note that the match do not pause when a player is about to change their clothes. You are to stay in a safe spot to avoid being taken out by another player.

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This beta version doesn't support in-app purchases as there is no sign-in process for the users to save their progress since this is meant for testing purposes. Another noticeable difference in the beta version is the change of the main menu design. Tools like map viewfinder, game mode and others are among the few changes in the beta version.

While Beta PUBG Mobile is still in the test stage, Android users are also eagerly waiting for Fortnite, another battle royale that heavily competes with PUBG. Though PUBG is availabble on Both Android and iOS, Fortnite is available for iOS for now and has only half the download of what PUBG has but on the other hand, Fortnite has earned almost five times what PUBG has.

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