Android Devices Harvest 10 Times More Users Personal Data Than iPhone Does

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A new study has claimed that Internet Google harvests 10 times more personal data of Android users than that of iPhone users. This comes after reports from Associated Press emerged that Google continues to track user's location even if their location service have been turned off.

According to the findings by Professor Douglas Schmidt's research from Vanderbult University, Google utilizes its products to collect detailed information about the habits of its users online and offline with aim of targeting users with paid advertisement.

One of Schmidt's findings points at Google Chrome on Android device. The researcher said the Chrome browser on Android sends users data to Google 50 times more than the Safari browser on the iPhone.

Infact, its so bad that to the point that an idle Android device with Chrome running in the background will still send data location of the user to Google. This happens 340 times in a 24-hour period, or 14 times each hour.

The researcher explained that Google collects user data actively and passively. When ever a user sign in to any Google service such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. the users data is automatically uploaded to Google.

"Google is able to collect users' personnal data through various techniques that are not easily realized by user," Schmidt explained.

"Most of the process of collecting user data by Google actually occurs when users are not directly related to Google products," he said.

According to Mashable, Google has denied the claims saying that the study contained wildly mislead information.

The researcher also claimed the problem of data suctioning also happened on Facebook, though he didn't show what the result was.

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