SecureTun For Free Unlimited Internet Access On any ISP In The World

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SecureTun is a free tunneling app that provides users with encrypted connection while surfing the web online.

Just like other tunneling apps, SecureTun protects users data from hackers, snoopers and other forms of online threat. While these tunneling apps can be used for offering users online protection, these apps can also be configured to provide users with free Internet access to the web.

When i say "free Internet access", i mean users will be able to surf the web for free without the need to subscribe or buy data. This tunneling app has the capability to use its inbuilt features to bypass your Internet service provider's firewall to to provide users with free Internet.

However, one major problem users faces when they get this free Internet access is that their Internet service provider is quick to notice the loophole and then apply patches to block their access. The solution to this is the anti DPI feature which is what SecureTun posses and gives it an edge over other big tunneling apps.

DPI stands for deep packet inspection which is an advanced form of packet filtering. This DPI feature is used by third party applications, hackers, your ISP etc to monitor your online activities even when you are using a secure channel such as a VPN for your connection.

DPI is a tool that process the data you send by deeply inspecting its content. Its just like saying you send a letter to the post office and then the post man goes through every detail before forward it to its destination.

SecureTun comes in built with an Anti-DPI feature which cloaks the user's traffic and free Internet settings (That is if you enable it). This tunneling app ensures that your free Internet settings last as long as its suppose.

SecureTun features includes:
No daily data bandwidth limit
Compresses data
Provides online privacy
No registration required
Masks uses IP address
No speed limit
Increases Internet Speed
And more.

Click here to download SecureTun APK

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