US Woman Says Her Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exploded, Sues Samsung For Damages

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In a case that could be first report of a Samsung Note 9 device catching fire, a US woman has a filed a lawsuit against Samsung claiming that her Galaxy Note 9 device combusted while in her purse.

According to court papers, Diane Chung a real estate agent, was in an elevator just after midnight on Sept. 3 when her brand new phone became extremely hot.

Chung stopped using the phone and then put it in the bag. But then, she "heard a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed a thick smoke" coming out of her purse.

The suit says Chung put the bag on the elevator floor and tried to empty it, but instead got her fingers burned as she grabbed the Galaxy Note 9 device.

In the midst of the confusion, Chung dropped the phone started smashing elevator buttons while the thick smoke made it hard for her to see.

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When Chung reached the lobby, she kicked the device out of the elevator but still the device refused to stop burning until a nearby person grabbed the device with a cloth and then dropped it into a bucket of  water.

Chung claimed in the Queens Supreme Court lawsuit that the fire destroyed everything in her bag and left her unable to contact clients. Chung described the experience as traumatic, and now wants a restraining order barring the sales of any Galaxy Note 9 device, saying that Samsung should have known that the device was "defective".

Samsung's line of Galaxy Note 7 device was a complete disaster. The Galaxy Note 7 device kept exploding due to battery related issues. So bad was the issues that Samsung had to recall the sold units and as a result lossing billion.

However, Samsung assured users that the $1000 priced Galaxy Note 9 won't give users any battery related issue.

'The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever. Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore," Samsung CEO Koh Dong-jin said.

In addition to the above, a Samsung executive, Kate Beaumont, director of product planning explained that the company now had a multi-step "battery safety check" in place which would ensure that the Galaxy Note 9 won't catch fire.

So far, Samsung claims they haven't received any report involving any exploding Galaxy Note 9 device.

"We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Niote 9 device and we are investigating the matter," a Samsung spokesman said.

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