UK Government To Kick EU iOS Users Out, Allow EU Android Users Stay In UK

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With Brexit still on course, it appears that only EU citizens with Android devices may be able to stay in the UK after Britain exits the European Union.

The UK government has announced that they plan to use NFC to allow EU citizens to stay in the UK.

 According to, the UK government is planning an app to help EU citizens apply for "settled status"in the UK after Britain exits the European Union. However, the app only support Android and is yet to be available on iOS.

The government plans to assist the 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK. To apply for the settled status, EU citizens are to download the Brexit app, scan of the applicant passport or ID after which they will then answer three simple questions.

After the application has been made, the records will then be checked against the Home Office records which will then decide whether the applicant can stay in the UK or not. The decision will be made by the Home Office within two weeks.

Now here lies the problem. The Brexit app uses the NFC reader to scan the chip on users passport using their phone to verify their identity. While those using Android can scan on their device, iPhone users are limited.

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Google's Android gives developers free hands to read and write data through NFC protocols. However, Apple has limitations which doesn't give developers full access to the NFC chip in iPhone devices. This limitation hinders the aim of the app.

To persuade Apple change its NFC policy, Home Office officials paid a visit to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino to discuss the matter with Apple executives. However, Apple hasn't made any announcement in regards to any change in its NFC policy.

Unless Apple pushes out an update to support passport scanning, iPhone users will either have to borrow an Android device or use the UK Visa and Immigration service to mail their passport.

Just as it is with the Brexit app, the Dutch government too plans to offer apps with the facility to scan passports. The Dutch government too is also in talks with Apple to loosen its NFC policy.

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