University In Trouble For Mistakenly Playing Hardcore P0rn During Presentation

Pappi Hex

Sometime in June last year, we wrote a story in which an Indian border patrol army officer got himself into trouble when he mistakenly played a p0rnographic video instead of the presentation he had during a gathering of senior army officers.

Todays story is similar to that of the above. A Chinese University lecturer during a lecture presentation, mistakenly played an adult p0rnographic video instead of the presentation he was supposed to play to the audience.

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According to the video shared by Twitter user QueenSamantha, the lecturer can be seen frantically trying to stop the adult video from playing on the projector screen as his students kept jeering at him.

The lecturer had connected his laptop to the projector for the presentation, played the video and then left the hall. However, the students were stunned when the video began to display p0rnographic contents.

The stunned student began to scream and laugh uncontrollable as p0rnographic photos began to appear on the projector before a hardcore p0rnograpgic video began to play. The commotion in the lecture hall drew the lecturer's attention who then rushed into the hall upon realizing his blunder.

Confused and filled with embarrassment, the lecturer makes futile efforts in putting the video off which kept misbehaving and wouldn't turn off. Well, in that kind of situation, all what the lecturer needs to do is to simply disconnect the cord from his laptop and stop the prolonged embarrassment. Who knows, maybe the lecturer took ages to get the perfect p0rn video which was what he had, and thus was scared to corrupt the video. Lol.

From the video, some of his students can be seen covering their faces to avoid viewing the adult content on display.

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