US Govt Employee Infects Network With Malware After Visiting 9,000 P0rn Sites

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An employee of the US Geology Survey (USGS) at the EROS Center in South Dakota, who apparently is a strong p0rn addict, got the network of the satellite imaging facility infected with malware after visiting 9,000 thousand p0rn sites.

According to a report by the US Department of the Interior Inspector General, a forensic carried out by the department revealed an extensive history of p0rnographic contents on the employee's computer system.

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The report explained that after visiting the p0rn sites, the malware on those sites spread to the unnamed employee's work laptop, mobile phone, other employees' government-issued computers as the malware spread through out the USGS network.

The security audit also revealed that the p0rn images were saved to an unauthorized USB device and personal Android cellphone.

To prevent the spread of malware, the US Department of the Interior's Inspector General has recommended that USGS employees stop using USB devices and also stop connecting their mobile device to government computers.

Since the vulnerabilities were identified in the USGS' IT security portal which are website access and open USB ports, the US Department of the Interior's Inspector General said the department reconsider its IT stance on the ban of USB devices.

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