AdGuard Officially Launch It's own DNS Service,Supports Android Device

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After testing its DNS beta service for over 2 years plus, Adguard has finally launched the official release of it's DNS service.

What is DNS anyway? DNS stands for Domain Name System, is the phonebook or phone directory of the Internet. Whenever we want to access online information via domain names like,, etc, we type the name of the domain we want to visit. However, Web browsers won't understand our request because they interact via Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to load Internet Internet resources. Now this is where a DNS comes in to translate a domain to an IP address for the Web browsers.

Though they are many choice when it comes to DNS service, Adguard says that their own DNS service is privacy focused.

Adguard supports DNSCrypt, DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPs. These protocols help in protecting users information from man-in-the-middle attacks, eavesdropping, hijacking, tracking etc. An encryption is created between the communicating device and the DNS server to protecting the users data.
Android devices (Android 9) has built-in support for DNS-over-TLS while DNS-over-HTTPS don't support Droid device for now, though Adguard is working on the next version for Android devices.

There are two versions of Adguard DNS that are available. There's a normal version for the regular use, and a Family protection version. The Family protection version blocks adult content and ensures that theres a Safe Search in search engines.

These are the DNS servers:
  • For Default; or
  • For Family protection; or
Find the full report here.

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