Snapchat Launches Lenses for Dogs

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Social networking platform Snapchat has launched lenses specially made for dogs. Shortly after the launch of Snapchat lens, the social networking platform notes that most users tried using the feature on their pets.
Due to the high demand for this feature, last month, Snapchat rolled out an update that then made it possible for users to be able to use this feature for their cats. Before the update, those who tried using the feature on their cats didn't get a nice result as the feature as of then, was made for human faces alone.

Now Snapchat seems to go a step further by making their lenses compatible with dogs. Yes, Snapchat has launched special lenses that are meant to work on your dogs.

Given the high demand for this feature on Snapchat, this feature is sure to become very popular with dog owners all round the globe.

Snapchat is trying to get more people on its platform by introducing features that will keep them engaged.

This year has been the best year for the social network platform. Snapchat received tongue lashes for a messy redesign that made it loss users on the platform, lost 3 million daily users within 3 months, saw a plunge in its stock prices etc. 2018 hasn't been easy for it.

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