Vitamin Water Will Pay $100,000 To Anyone Who Will Stay For A year Without A Smartphone

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The questions is; will you be able to go for a whole without making use or touching your smartphone in exchange for $100,000? Yes. Vitamin Water is ready to dish out a 100k cash price to you if you can do without your smartphone for that period.

Vitamin Water, the Coca-Cola subsidiary that produces vitamin infused water made the announcement via its Twitter handle @vitaminwater, naming the conditions contestants needed to make them eligible to participate.

To enter the contest, you will have to send a photo to the company's Twitter or Instagram page @vitaminwater explaining why you need a break from your smartphon, and what you would do with all the free time that you'ill have.

Including the #nophoneforayear and #contest is very important to be eligible for the contest.

Vitamin Water will choose just a single participant from the contestant. Now the lucky person who have been choosen to participate in the contest will have to give up his or her smartphone for an old fashion cell phone that is just capable of receiving and making calls. That is, you won't even have to touch any smartphone at all for the whole of 365 days!!

The contest is open from now to the 8th of January, 2019 for those interested to submit any entry. Everyone is allowed to enter as much as 4 entries.

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