Again, Samsung Uses An iPhone To Tweet About The Galaxy A9

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It is no news that Samsung's staffs are Apple lovers... i mean, they love Apple products to the extent that they don't even use the Samsung smartphones given to them by the electronic giant.

Its understandable when a Samsung brand ambassador uses an iPhone instead of the company that is is actually footing their bills, thus inadvertently endorsing the competition.

Also, its a total different issue to see a Samsung vendor using an iPhone to promote Samsung's products. Thats one thing Samsung's staffs are infamously known for.

Not long we saw the official Samsung Mobile Nigeria Twitter account making tweets promoting Samsung device via iPhone. Samsung's Official Saudi Twitter account also used an iPhone to promote the company's phone. There are many incidents of Samsung's staffs using the iPhone to make tweets for the electronic giant.

The latest saga, according to MKBHD, involves one of Samsung's regional branches in India using an iPhone to promote the "majestic" ultra wide camera of the Galaxy A9.

When you use an iPhone to post Twitter, the post automatically gets the "via Twitter for iPhone" stamp which can't be removed once the post has been made.

Samsung Mobile India got embarrassed that they had to do the usual, which is to delete the tweet. However, a screenshot of the tweet was taken and posted on Reddit before Samsung could delete it.

Whats surprising here is that Apple has a meager market share in India, where Samsung is second only to Xiaomi, selling millions every quarter as it out passes Apple.

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