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2019 Free Unlimited Internet Trick For All Regions Update

This is my first post this year in regards to topics like "how to create free Internet tricks", "free Internet configurations" and others.

Last year was the last time we posted any free Internet trick or tutorials here. Though we didn't announce it on our Telegram channel, we told those that were in the know of things (some of you) that we will no longer be posting any free Internet tricks or tutorials again.

However, most of you have been clamoring for those tricks and tutorials ever since this year began which we haven't yielded to. OK. We will resume most of these tricks and tutorials but won't be as it were before .

We will focus more on giving you guys tutorials and tips on how to create these tricks, but will still post some free Internet tricks to aid in the tutorials, and also embark on some free Internet trick Raid. Those who have a breakthrough with any trick can also share with us... if they want to.

Starting this week, keep watch on our Telegram channel for us because we plan to embark on a free Internet Raid soon. You can message us with your inputs and the #Hashtag that we will drop on Telegram whenever we mention your region on Telegram.

If this gets interesting, we might create a new group again for you guys to chat and exchange ideas that will fasten your tweaks.

For now, if you have any contribution to make, message click here to message @PappiHex on Telegram with this #2019MarchRaid alongside your contribution. Pleasseee, no trivialities.

Click here to follow our Telegram channel to be among the first to be in the know of the upcoming free Internet Trick Raid.

Kindly drop your comments if you have any query related to this post for me to respond to.

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  1. Adm I wonder why psiphone free browsing doesn't work for me am in Ghana and it only works on Vodafone tweak
    But if I try to use it without credit it would never connect I tried more than 4 to 5 vpn apps u publish on it blog so help
    Again why can't I interact with u on telegram

    1. Hello Jambolee, let me try to understand your question more.

      Is it that whenever you have call credit or data on your phone, Psiphon and other VPN app connects but disconnects when your data or call credit exhausts?
      Is it that it works only when you apply some tweaks to some subscription and then disconnects when its exhausted?

      Kindly drop more lights on it so that i can give you the right answer.

      My Telegram link is available in the post.

  2. How about Botswana bruh? U promised us last tym but u didn't post a thing.

  3. For kenyan users please some tricks

    1. We have this freepage on telkom. How it yield for us Sir Pappi

    2. Ezbon you have my Telegram handle... we can always work on it

  4. Hello please how about Cameroun?

  5. Pappihex since you can see that you have started making free internet tricks from years ago I want to team up with you I have all the knowledge and skills you need and also 6 years full of experience creating free net tricks inbox me on telegram @THAPZA_TRICK
    And whatsaap 0795640246

  6. I want to explain a loophole on Orange Morocco

  7. Any new configurations for vodacom SA? My app stopped connecting


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