Download For Free NSA's GHIDRA Reverse Engineering Hacking Tool

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The National Security Agency (NSA) has released its famous reverse engineering tool GHIDRA to the open-source world to help the cybersecurity committee identify threats.

This comes as a surprise since the NSA which is a national-level intelligence agency of the United States Department of Defense is known to be very secretive about its tools and hacking equipments.

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GHIDRA, unlike other aggressive cyber tools at the NSA is used to reverse engineer all kinds of codes including deployed and those compiled. GHIDRA then decompiles the code and turns it into logic easy understanding for programmers.

For those who don't understand what reverse engineering is all about, its simply the process of identifying or understanding how a malware or other infection works. Understanding and identifying such threats helps cybsercurity researchers to create ways of defending devices and networks against cyber-related attacks.

The release of this tool will help the cybersecurity community in understanding how various kinds of malicious codes works. Mind you, GHIDRA is the same tool that Wikileaks made mention of in 2017 during its CIA Vault 7 leaks.

"We're doing this because we firmly believe Ghidra is a great addition to a net defender's toolbox," an NSA statement read, explaining the reason behind the release of the tool. "It will make the software reverse engineering process more efficient. It will help to level the playing field for cybersecurity professionals, especially those that are just starting out."

GHIDRA is compatible with may platforms and will be utilized for the development  of new softwares that most likely will be more powerful than GHIDRA itself, since it now has the backing of the open source community.

The NSA tool can be downloaded from the official website of GHIDRA.

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