Samsung Patents A Bendable Phone That Folds Into A Smartwatch

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Foldabe phones is no doubt one of the biggest tech trend for 2019. At the just concluded MWC2019, we saw a lot of foldable devices that were on display with Samsung and Huawei leading so far in the foldable tech.

A foldable phone gives the user both the regular phone and a tablet at the same time and as well allow 3 applications to be ran on the device at the same time.

While tech companies are busy combining both phone and tablet into a foldable device, other tech companies are working on another foldable device which is a smartphone but can also be folded into a smart wrist watch. We've seen TCL patent such design while ZTE Nubia even has a foldable smart wristwatch. If this new patents are correct, then the latest company to join the list of companies working on foldable phone that folds into a smart wristwatch is no other than South Korean tech giant Samsung.

According to LetsGoDigital, the patent shows the Samsung to fold vertically unlike the Galaxy Fold that can be folded horizontally. The device has a flexible display and also a specially designed hinge which make up most the device frame to help in the folding of the device.

Due to the fact that it has to be folded, you will be seeing a very tall device that gives you the option to use it as a regular smartphone and as well also get a smartwatch-like experience when you fold it outwards and wrap it around your wrist.

This device comes with a special mechanism that allows the user to lock the frame of the device when the user wants use it as a regular phone and avoid it folding, or when the user wants to use it as a smartwatch. The device won't automatically curve back or fold when the user pushes the frame down to activate it.

Keeping this device in place is made possible by two magnets which attract each other and hold the bent position. These two magnet are placed on either end of the device

The specs of this device includes an in-display fingerprint scanner, a dual-camera setup at the back, two selfie cameras. Jus as it is on other foldable device, this device should also be able to auto adjust its user interface when switching between a smartwatch and a smartphone.

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