Xiaomi’s New 100W Charger Can Fill Up A 4,000mAh Battery In 17 minutes

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Battery is one of the major things that people consider before purchasing a new phone. Smatphones have grown more powerful over years which means only a big strong battery will be able to carry them throughout the day.

However, when you eventually get a smartphone that has a big battery. You will then face another problem which is the charging time. Charging your phone's battery consumes a lot of time even when you makes use of  fast charge technology.

During this years Mobil World Congress 2019, we saw Huawei introduce a 55W charger for its Mate X foldable device which made it one of the fastest charger on the market at as that time. Well, another phone manufacturer has something that is almost as twice as that of the Mate X.

Xiaomi has launched a new 100W technology called Super Charge Turbo that can fully charge a 4,000mAh battery in just 17 minutes.

The Xiaomi's Super Charge Turbo with its 100W adapter can fully charge any smartphone's battery in a very short span of time. When compared, Oppo's 50W solution could only charge a 3,700mAh battery to 65% in the same timeframe with that of Xiaomi's.

While there's excitement for this new technology, it is also worth knowing that this require a 100W adapter for it to work, and as well any device that can handle. If not, the device will just charge normal at the regular speed.

For now, Xiaomi is working on integrating the technology in its flagship device(s). This is expected to be on the next Redmi flagship or the its foldable device that it has in the works.

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