Cloudflare Launches Free Mobile VPN To Save You Data Bills From Your ISP

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Cloudflare has announced a free VPN service called Warp as an addition to its DNS resolver service.

The new VPN feature which has been integrated in to the latest Cloudflare's mobile app promises to give users of the DNS resolver even more privacy while surfing the web.

Cloudflare's DNS service prevents your ISP from tracking your Internet history, however, your Internet traffic is left exposed and isn't encrypted. That's where the VPN feature comes in.

According to the company, they began to work on the VPN feature in 2017 when they acquired Neumob. As at that time during the purchase, Cloudflare's CTO acknowledged the capability of Neumob in developing a mobile VPN.

"Today we're excited to announce what we began to plan more than two years ago: the App with Warp performance and security technology," Cloudflare said on its blog. "We built Warp from the ground up to thrive in the harsh conditions of the modern mobile Internet. It began with our acquisition of Neumob in November 2017. At the time, our CTO, John Graham-Cumming, wrote about how Neumob was part of our 'Super Secret Master Plan.'"

Cloudflare says the encryption service will provide encryption for everything running on the users phone including the apps, provide a faster Internet connection, and as well reduce data use by caching and compressing contents.

"Cloudflare's network can cache and compress content to improve performance and potentially decrease your data usage and mobile carrier bill," the company said.

Warp VPN is available for free, however, customers can upgrade to Warp+ for a faster performance with a "low monthly fee."

Cloudflare promises not to sell users browsing data, use targeted advertising or ask for any personally identifiable information such as your name or email address in order to sign-up.

For now, Warp isn't available to all users yet, you will have to update your mobile app and then register on the app to join a waitlist.

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