Kiwi Browser Kicked From The Play Store Due To YouTube Background Playback

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Last month, Chromium-based browser Kiwi got a lot of attention after it added support for desktop Chrome extensions.

However, the browser suddenly went missing from the Google Play Store which left Android users wondering if its suddenly disappearance was due to the update it made, while some (AndriodPolice) think it's sudden disappearance is due to its ability to play YouTube videos in the background, A functionality that is only meant for the YouTube app with a premium subscription.

Speaking to AndroidPolice, developer of Kiwi browser Arnaud Granal hinted that the ban was more of Google trying to protect Chrome's market share than an actual policy violation.

"Google Chrome itself can play any (including YouTube) videos in the background out of the box (just after ticking Desktop checkbox). Brave Browser has specific code and settings for background play on YouTube. [...] in theory Brave Browser should be 100% banned from the store now. If we take the definition more broadly (apps that can YouTube in the background), Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera could be removed too," Arnaud Granal  said.

Google and Granal are now working on a resolution to the removal of the app on the Play Store.

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