Three Ways To Chat With A Number On WhatsApp Without Saving Them In Your Contact

Facebook-owned social network WhatsApp is the most popular social network on earth. WhatsApp is free and allows its users to send encrypted messages, videos, and make encrypted audio and video calls to anyone anywhere in the world. WhatsApp's encrypted messaging gives it an edge over the parent company Facebook.

Amid all these, there are several things WhatsApp needs to implement into their platform to make it even better. Due to the absence of some functionality in the official WhatsApp app, different app developers have come up with different mods of WhatsApp which has more features than the official WhatsApp. Examples of WhatsApp's modded versions include YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, etc.

One of WhatsApp's annoying issues is that the Facebook-owned social network doesn't give users the room to start a chat without saving the person's contact. To start a chat from your end, you must have saved the person's contact on your device. However, there are some numbers that you might not necessarily need on your just need to message them at that moment alone.

Well, do not worry about that because I will be discussing how to message anyone on WhatsApp without the need to save the person's contact on your phone. We will be looking at three methods.

WhatsApp links:

WhatsApp's Click to Chat feature allows users of the social platform to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in the person's address book.

To chat with someone, go to your web browser and type code and phone number.

Let's say that you want to chat with 345678900 contact with +234 as the country code, you get this number; +12345678900. To use this method, simply open your web browser, type in this URL and then followed with the number which should appear this way;

Note that you won't make use of the + in the country code of that phone number. This will only work if that phone number has been registered on WhatsApp.

App Method:

If the above method is long for you, there are apps that will save you the stress of visiting a web browser to type the link only to be redirected to WhatsApp. For the app method, the user will just have to type the WhatsApp number in the app, click the open chat button, and then be taken to a newly created chat with that contact on WhatsApp.

Click here to download Click to Chat APK app, install the app and then open it. Type the persons' phone number to get started.

Text Selection:

This method is the easiest but less known and will probably not work for many. That's not to say that your Android device is slow or has low specs.

The text selection method only requires you to highlight the number in which you want to chat with. That is after you must have typed the number. When you highlight the number, you will see options for you to Call, Cut, Copy and paste. 

However, if you tap the overflow button (three dots), you will see more options that enables you to message on WhatsApp and other social network. Click on WhatsApp to start a chat with that contact.

Just as I said earlier, this method will not work for many because it's only available for users on Android 9 and above on stock devices phones.

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