How To Chat With A WhatsApp Number Without Saving Them In Your Contact

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Meta-owned WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging software on earth. Though it is the best of all the instant messenger apps out there, there are a few issues on the platform, one of which requires users to save a contact before they can chat or message them.

There are some numbers that you don't need to save on your phone just because you want to exchange some files or programs with them because you won't be communicating with them after that moment. But then, how do you send a Whatsapp message to a contact that you didn't save on your phone?

Well, you are in the right place because I'll be discussing some workaround on how to bypass this restriction that prevents you from "sending a WhatsApp message without saving their contact."

1. WhatsApp click to chat feature method:

WhatsApp messenger's Click to chat feature allows users of the social platform to begin a chat with someone without having their phone number saved in the person's address book. Here's how to do it.

How to use WhatsApp's click to chat feature:
  1. To chat with someone, go to your web browser and type code and phone number.
  2. That is, if you are trying to chat with a WhatsApp contact in Nigeria, you will use the country code which is +234. But then you won't have to add the + sign.
  3. So the link should appear like this (you will represent the xxx with the WhatsApp contact).
  4. Once you go to that address, WhatsApp will ask you to click on the continue to chat button, which will then redirect you to the Whatsapp app installed on your smartphone or computer.
  5. A chat window opens where you can start chatting with the WhatsApp contact.

This method will only work if that phone number is registered on WhatsApp. If it isn't, your WhatsApp messenger app will notify you with a pop-up message.

Also, some Android devices with skins such as MIUI and OxygenOS do allow users to run multiple apps ....such as WhatsApp messenger to run two accounts simultaneously. If you happen to set up two accounts on your WhatsApp, your browser will ask you to choose one of the WhatsApp accounts to open.

2. Truecaller method:

With over 300 million users on Android and iOS, Truecaller is the best caller ID and spam blocking app you can find out there. Other than the call recording, name search Truecaller feature, and others, you can also use this application to message a WhatsApp number without adding them as a contact.

This Truecaller is my favourite since I don't have to memorize or bookmark some link in my browser just to message someone on WhatsApp. Also, since the Truecaller app is very popular among Android users, many will prefer this option since many users already have the app installed on their Android smartphones. You can also use this method on your iOS smartphone.

How to use Truecaller to chat on WhatsApp without saving the contact:
  1. Download the Truecaller app and then install it if you don't have it on your smartphone.
  2. Open the app and then dial the number that you want to chat with on WhatsApp messenger.
  3. Once you are done dialing the number, click on the icon by the left-hand side of the number. If the contact is an old one, Truecaller will search and bring up the name of the contact.

  4. Now the contact will open and you will scroll down to check for WhatsApp's icon. 

  5. Click on the WhatsApp icon and you will be taken to WhatsApp to start a chat with the contact. If you are running two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously, you will be asked to choose one.

Whenever you don't see the WhatsApp icon on Truecaller when using this method, it means the person isn't on WhatsApp. Also, there are times when you might see the icon but won't find the person on WhatsApp because the person is no longer on WhatsApp.

3. Click to chat Method:

Okay, this app's name is "click to chat" but don't get it confused with WhatsApp's own click to chat web feature. This app isn't associated with WhatsApp either.

Left to me, the two methods I mentioned above works very well but those who want something extra can go with this method. 

This app too works similar to the click to chat WhatsApp web feature. The major difference is that this one uses an app and saves the stress of cramming some URLs in your head. Below is how it works.

How to use the click to chat app to message unsaved contact on WhatsApp messenger:
  1. Download the click to chat app for free on the Play Store.
  2. Install and then open the app
  3. Type in the WhatsApp's number country code and then followed with the number.

  4. Click on "Open" to open the contact in WhatsApp for you to chat

4. Text Selection method:

This method is the easiest but less known and will probably not work for many. That's not to say that your Android device is slow or has low specs.

The text selection method only requires you to highlight the number with which you want to chat with. That is after you must have typed the number. When you highlight the number, you will see options for you to Call, Cut, Copy and paste. 

However, if you tap the overflow button (three dots), you will see more options that enable you to message on WhatsApp and other social networks. Click on WhatsApp to start a chat with that contact.

Just as I said earlier, this method will not work for many because it's only available for users on Android 9 and above on stock devices phones.

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