Complete List Of Phones That WhatsApp Will block By November 1

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Whether you're using WhatsApp messaging for business or personal use, you should consider checking the list in this post to know if your device is affected in the latest purge.

WhatsApp, the world's most popular messenger app will stop working on some Android and iOS devices by November 1.

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From time to time, the Facebook-owned app does update its software requirements for supported operating systems. Starting from November 1, WhatsApp will work only on smartphones running on Android OS 4.1 and above, iOS 10 and above, and phones running on KaiOS 2.5.1 and above. These include the JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

Just before we check out the list of affected smartphones, we do advice you to go to your phone's 'Settings', locate 'About Phone' and then update your phone to the latest operating system. 

However, for very old smartphones, you might check and won't find new updates available. For those kind of device, the only option is to check to see if your smartphone is running on OS below Android 4.1 or iOS 10. Or you can just scroll through the list to see if your device is affected. If you fall in this category, then you will have to upgrade to a new smartphone to be able to use WhastApp.

List of smartphones that WhatsApp won't support by November 1

This list was possible courtesy of Metro News. Kindly go through the list and remember to share this post with your friends on social media.

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iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S which have been updated to iOS 10 are safe from this purge. However, it remains unlikely that it will escape the next set of devices that won't be supported.

As for the iPhone SE (1st generation) the device can be updated to iOS 14, while iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and later released iPhones can be updated to iOS 15. 

As for iPhone 4S and older versions stuck at iOS 9 won't be able to use WhatsApp.


Here are the list of smartphones from Samsung that won't support WhatsApp come next month. They include;

Galaxy Trend Lite,

Galaxy Trend II

Galaxy SIII

Galaxy S3 mini

Galaxy Xcover 2

Galaxy Core

Galaxy Ace 2 


Smartphones from LG that won't support WhatsApp after this month includes;

Lucid 2

Optimus F7

Optimus F5

Optimus L3 II Dual

Optimus L5

Optimus L5 II

Optimus L5 Dual

Optimus L3 II

Optimus L7

Optimus L7 II Dual

Optimus L7 II

Optimus F6


Optimus L4 II Dual

Optimus F3

Optimus L4 II

Optimus L2 II

Optimus Nitro HD

Optimus Nitro 4X HD

Optimus F3Q


ZTE smartphones that have any of the device listed below won't be able to use WhatsApp next month.

ZTE Grand S Flex

ZTE V956

Grand X Quad V987

Grand Memo


List of smartphones from the China-based company that won't be supported next month includes:

Huawei Ascend G740

Ascend Mate

Ascend D Quad XL

Ascend D1 Quad XL

Ascend P1 S

Ascend D2


Find the list of Sony Smartphones that will loss WhatsApp support in November.

Xperia Miro

Xperia Neo L

Xperia Arc S

Other device manufactures:

A few device from other manufactures include the HTC Desire 500 and Lenovo A820

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