Weekend Tricks: Airtel Kenyan Free Internet Trick On SecureTun VPN

Pappi Hex

I didn't post most of the weekend free Internet tricks during the weekend and hope to post the ones that i can and leave the rest for this coming weekend.

This free Internet trick is for Techfoe readers in Kenya on the Airtel network. This trick makes use of the SecureTun app to provide Kenyan users with free Internet access.

This trick works on Android, Windows, iOS, etc on any tunneling app of your choice. I made use of SecureTun app for this trick because it uses the SSL protocol. However, feel free to use other tunneling apps and protocols like HTTP, TCP, etc.

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Before, i proceed with this trick, i want those on Safaricom to stand by for their own trick which will follow up shortly after i post a few tricks after this one. The Safaricom trick is free, works without limits, and doesn't require any social pack subscription from the user.

To participate in this free Internet trick, the Airtel user has to subscribe to Airtel's WhatsApp package either for a week or a month. When the user is done doing that, simply follow the below settings and get your trick working for you.

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1. An Airtel Kenyan SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS or PC
3. Your SecureTun or any tunneling app of your choice (Find link below)
4. The configuration settings

1. Click here to download SecureTun VPN app or here to download any other tunneling of your choice
2. Install the app and then open it
3. Click on stealth Settings and then turn it on
4. Now configure this way:
     Connetion Protocol: SSL
     Connection Port: 8081 or 8080
     Advanced SSL settings: Enable and then edit it
      True SSL (Anti DPI): Tick it
      Spoof Host Port: Tick It
      Spoof Host:  Choose any of the hosts below hosts
      Port: 443
5. Now click on OK and then Save.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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  1. we want for saf..airtel tumekua nayo we ndo imekufikia late

    1. Kwani Wamefunga ya airtel already...

  2. help a brother with the configs. thanks [email protected]

  3. We warned you long time ago not to post kenyan tricks and you agreed , what is this now. If it gets closed now we will all blame you.

  4. Nisaidie na currently working configuration ya kenya

  5. Is this trick still working guys

  6. I want the safaricom host name can anyone post it herr please

  7. The Airtel trick is not working anymore hex please show us another trick

  8. Is not connecting anymore please.....
    Help me the setting

  9. Hey,they already closed the loop, I know you have something new email me.

  10. Hello ,airtel is not working anymore help ,saying connection time out

  11. What the solution now that it's not working

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