Facebook Messenger Lite Crosses 500 million Installs On The Play Store

Facebook's Messenger Lite app had passed 500 million installs on the Play Store. Facebook Messenger Lite is a light version of the Facebook Messenger app that aims to save phone resources.

Initially, the Messenger feature was also part of the Facebook app but later had to be made independent with messaging and video chatting feature. Due to its numerous features, the app ended up being heavy.

In 2016, Facebook released the light version of the app, Facebook Messenger Lite which eats less resources. The Lite version worked very well on low-end Android devices that had limited memory resources.

By the end of 2017, the Lite app had already achieved over 100 million installations. Ever since then, the app has been downloaded five times more. One important note here is that Facebook didn't make the messenger Lite app instantly available globally.....which means the app should have long crossed this mark.

You can click here to download Messenger Lite. The app offers the same features as its older sibling.. video calls, voice calls, chats, stickers and more.

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