Its True! PUBG Players Will Earn Cryptocurrency Rewards For Winning This Summer

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) players will see themselves earning cryptocurrency when they accomplishments such as winning matches.

The crypto reward comes as a result of a partnership between crypto games marketing startup Refereum and PUBG. The partnership will see PUBG players earn RFR tokens.

"PUBG has granted Refereum special access to the PUBG login system, and we've tightly integrated our quest technology into the game through access to their production API," Dylan Jones, Refereum CEO, told CoinDesk.

The startup told CoinDesk that they were providing RFR tokens for the initial campaign which is to last till August 20. During that period, PUBG players will be able to earn rewards by on PUBG when they accomplish achievements such as winning matches.

Players who have earned RFR tokens will be able to use it for the purchase of in-game items like weapons, skins, etc., and will also be able to tip their favourite streamers.

"PUBG is the perfect example of a game that wants to reward its hardcore following. Utilizing blockchain to do so helps them tap into their entire playerbase of influences with micropayments, no matter their size, instead of rewarding only the biggest names," Jones said.

Refereum said it raised $32 million in a private token sale in early 2018, and created its RFR token to better align game makers, streamers and players in the promotion and viewing of compelling games.

This isn't be the first time that Refereum is offering rewards in games. The firm had previously done that on State of Decay 2, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Battlefield series.

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  1. The company seems to be more about skins, maps, and weapons rather than fixing what they already pubg servers

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