Raid: Glo Ghana Free Internet Trick And Weekend Tricks Update

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This free Internet trick Raid post is for Techfoe Glo Ghanaian users. Read below for how the trick can be configured and made to work.

This Raid for Ghana networks was suppose to involve all the networks. In fact, we have configurations for MTN, Airtel and Vodafone networks which we were suppose to give to you guys to test but didn't because some other things came in the way.

We might also not post any Weekend Tricks if we don't finish on time. We just hope to round up everything and post the remaining GH tricks and also the weekend tricks.

For now, lets look at this Glo trick which was shared to us. This trick isn't the kind of trick that you will expect to browse super fast because it uses the DNS protocol to tunnel for free Internet.

Tunneling apps that supports DNS tunneling includes Slow DNS, AnonyTun, TunnelCat, etc. You will decide for yourself the app that you think will work best for you. However, we will be making use of Slow DNS.

Follow the below procedures and get yours working. Click here to like our Facebook Page and here to join our Telegram Channel for more free unlimited Internet tricks and free tutorials.

1. A Glo Ghana SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS or PC
3. Your Slow DNS app, Tunnelcat, AnonyTun or any DSN tunneling app of your choice (Find link below)
4. The configuration settings

1. Click here to download the Slow DNS app or here to download TunnelGuru app for PC users
2. Install and open the app.
3. Now use the below settings to confgure your Slow DNS app:
       Username and password: Leave this part
        Server: select any free server of your choice
       DNS Server:  or any a faster TunnelGuru IP address
       Choose TXT: Null
       LPort= 250      , RPort= 80
        Click on connect
4. Wait for the connection to go through because sometimes it might take a while for it to go through. However if it doesn't, change your server and try reconnecting again.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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  1. I'm a Ghanaian user here. And i wanna know if you have a vodafone trick for us.

  2. It works tanks a lot but the server sometimes show busy and u can't connect any more

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