AnonyTun VPN Is Permanently Shutting Down.... Officially.

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The use of VPN services on smartphones has greatly increased over the years, especially on Android which is the most popular operating system in the world right now.

VPN which stands for virtual private network woks by channeling users Internet connection via a secure and encrypted tunnel so that users can surf the Internet anonymously. People use VPN applications to protect themselves from cybercriminals, snoopers, hackers, and lots of other malicious things lurking on the Internet. Read more on what VPN does.

There are many paid VPN and free VPN services out there. However, when it comes to getting a free VPN with effective service, there are just a few which we can recommend, one of which happens to be AnonyTun.

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AnonyTun is a popular and free VPN app developed by Art Of Tunnel. The VPN app is one of our preferred VPN tool because of its multiple protocols (TCP, SSL and HTTP), unlimited bandwidth, fast servers, and multiple options to create a strong injection for free Internet access (educational purpose only).

Some few days ago, i received a notification from AnonyTun on my phone that the AnonyTun app will be discontinued.

"AnonyTun will be discontinued soon 😓. Thank you for being part of our journey," the notification from AnonyTun read.

I was intrigued with the notification, and so i then reached out to the developer, Art Of Tunnel via mail to confirm the state of things. Here's what the developer said:

"AnonyTun will be discontinued if we are not able to get revenue to maintain the servers. When we show ads, people complain or even block the advertisements yet they forget that servers need to be paid for and we need help from the advertisement revenue to do that."

When I asked the about the fate of the other VPN apps such SecureTun, HeaderTun, etc., the developer simply replied that "all will be discontinued if the problem persists."

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There are just a few good VPN out there that can match the features of AnonyTun, and it will be sad to see this VPN app discontinued. However, with your support, this app will still be operational.

As the developer explained, the servers for these VPN apps are being paid for. The least you can do is help out with the ads. Ermm... about the ads, i'm also guilty of it. However, from now hence forth, i will change my approach.

AnonyTun is very popular among Android users in South America, Asia and Africa, and with your efforts, this app will live on.

You can click here to download AnonyTun and show the developer some love.

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