A Very Big D*ck Was On Samsung Members Front Page For Several Hours

Pappi Hex

The Samsung Member app is a hub where users of the Galaxy devices meet, communicate and help each other troubleshoot whatever problems that a member is facing.

Well, one Galaxy user who might have had a problem with his Galaxy d*ck at a party or some sort, decided to post his junk to the community to, you know, probably help him out in troubleshooting it.

Given the nature of the post which wasn't related to the aim of the Samsung Member app, the post attracted attention and grew popular so much that it popped up on the app's front page for everyone to see!

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The funny part of it which isn't funny at all is that the text which accompanied the post didn't make sense a bit.

 It read: Charlotte shooting today with my friends and I know there's some people who are really really stupid even more stupid than me and that's a long shot."

Really? At this point, i really doubt if there's anyone more stupid than this guy because that would be "a long shot."

The post was on the apps front page for several before Samsung finally brought it down after series of complaints from users.

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