Huawei P40 Pro Could Come With Both Android And Harmony OS Dual Boot

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Chinese tech maker Huawei has vowed to keep striving despite the US ban which restricts it from using the Android OS supplied by Google.

The ban meant Huawei could only use Android open source and won't have access to the regular security updates and patches rolled out by Google. The ban also meant that Huawei won't able to use Androids core applications from Google, apps such as Gmail, Google Maps, Assistant, YouTube, Play Store,and more.

Huawei, in turn, released its open source Harmony OS for smartphones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches and IoT gadgets. Though Huawei claimed at the launch that it wanted to stick to Google's Android operating system for its smartphones because of its existing partners, the Chinese tech maker also said that it could easily switch from Android to HarmonyOS within a day or two if it wanted to. A new video suggests that the upcoming P40 Pro might come with the HarmonyOS as a backup operating system.

According to a video by YouTube channel TechZG, Huawei's future flagship device called the P40 Pro which is expected to launch in March 2020 will come with both Huawei's HarmonyOS and Google's Android 10, giving users the option to boot any of the OSs.

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If this eventually happens, the P40 Pro device will be the first smartphone to come with two operating systems (dual boot). Also, when the user boots on the device, an option will pop up for the user to choose Android or HarmonyOS to boot.

Huawei claims HarmonyOS is faster than the Android operating system based on the fact that Android uses a lot redundant code (which is an outdated scheduling mechanism which has lots of fragmentation issues).

Unlike Android, HarmonyOS is built with a "Deterministic Latency Engine" that reduces input and animation lag by allocating system resources in a better way.

Find the video below

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