iOS Users Watched More Videos Than Android Users In 2019: P0rnhub Report

Pappi Hex

That time of the year has come when we sit and review how we fared through out the year. As such, popular adult content streaming service P0rnhub has released its 2019 Year In Review report.

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According to the released report, P0rnhub said it received a total of 49 billion visits in 2019 from viewers using different gadgets and operating systems.

About 6.83 million videos were uploaded in 2019 which is the equivalent to 169 years. Now, if anyone wants to finish watching all of the videos, they should have started watching in 1850.

Now, when it comes to Android vs iOS stats on who watches p0rn, the answer should be easy since Android is the biggest operating system (Surpassing and desktop platform and mobile) on the planet. Last year we saw Android users dominate in watching p0rn videos. However, iOS user's hunger for p0rn videos has increased.

The p0rn video sharing company said that mobile devices made up 88.7% of all P0rnub's traffic worldwide. 76.6% of that traffic was from smartphones which is a 7% growth in share. iOS users dominated with 52.8% of the smartphone traffic, out performing Android users who got 46.6%.

The decrease in traffic on the Android side isn't surprising at all. One major reason for this is because the Indian government this year ordered all ISPs in the country to block access to adult websites. So does it matter? Yes it does matter because India is heavily dominated by Android users.

In fact, so strong is the restriction that India fell from 3rd position of the countries that watches p0rn more down to the 12th position.

The share of tablet traffic dropped by -17% to 7.1%.Also, Windows which always remained in the top position saw its share down by 3% to 75%. macOS saw a growth and now accounts for 16.7% desktop traffic.

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