Man Sentenced 10 Years In Prison For Stealing Over $131,000 From Video Game Store

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A California court has sentenced a man to 10 years in federal prison for committing multiple armed robberies at GameStop video games stores and carting away with over $132,000 worth of merchandise and cash. 

Frederick Lopez Jr, 28, is accused of committing four armed robberies at GameStop stores in Los Angeles and orange counties between August 2018 and October 2018, which resulted in the the loss of $132,000.

According to press release by the US Attorney's Office for the central District of California, Lopez is said to enter the store at night, and sometimes accompanied by another suspect. He is said to carry a handgun during robberies which he uses to coerce employees into loading game consoles and video games into bags for him.

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During one of his robberies, Lopez and his accomplice are said to have ordered the GameStop clerks into the store's back room, took their cell phones and then destroyed the store's telephone. He then ordered one of the store's clerk to help carry stolen items to a nearby minivan.

Lopez was arrested in March 2019. He had successfully stolen $131,000 in merchandise and $1,300 in cash during the four robberies. Apart from the 10 years prison term, the judge also ordered him to pay $132,300 in restitution.

"The serious nature of [Lopez's] offenses can hardly be overstated," prosecutors said in their sentencing memorandum. "Armed robberies such as these, where firearms are brandished at victims, also leave a lasting substantial stress and trauma that victims remember for years, some for the rest of their lives."


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