Cloudflare Releases DNS For Families To Block Malware And Adult Content

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Cloudflare has announced secure, fast and privacy-focused DNS resolver for Families. As the names says, the new DNS resolver is meant for home networks to protect user gadgets from security threats and as well block adult content from being accessed by the kids and family members.

Two years ago, Cloudflare announced DNS resolver to speed up users Internet connection and as well keep it private at no cost for anyone that wanted to use the service. The company now  process more than 200 billion DNS requests per day which makes it the second largest public DNS resolver in the world after Google.

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Cloudflare notes that was made to safeguard user privacy, optimize efficiency and fast DNS resolution. However, it doesn't block or filter content. To solve this, the company has introduced for family which adds some layers of protection from security threats and censor adult content.

The company says that the new DNS for families also has "the same strong privacy guarantees as" that was launched two years ago. You can apply the configuration on your home device or network. Find the configuration below for Families configuration

Malware Blocking Only
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Malware and Adult Content
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

For IPv6 use:

Malware Blocking Only
Primary DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1112
Secondary DNS: 2626:4700:4700::1002

Malware and Adult Content
Primary DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1113
Secondary DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1003

The company says that it will provide additional configuration options in the coming months, such as the options to create specific whitelists and blacklists of certain sites with custom schedules. For example, you can set a particular time of the day in when you and your kids will be able to access social media.

"In the coming months, we will provide the ability to define additional configuration settings for for Families," Cloudflare said. "This will include options to create specific whitelists and blacklists of certain sites. You will be able to set the times of the day when categories, such as social media, are blocked and get reports on your household's Internet usage."

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