Weekend Tricks: Tunisie Free Unlimited Internet Trick For Techfoe Readers InTunisia

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This free Internet trick is for Techfoe Tunisia readers on the Tunisie network. We will be making use of the Droid VPN app for the tunneling of the free net access.

Though this free net trick is for Android users, we made the settings for Techfoe users on other platforms to be able to port the settings and benefit from the trick.

Users don't need to have airtime or data on their SIM card for the trick to work. All they need is a tunneling app and their Tunisie SIM card with zero data and airtime on it. And also the settings.

We recommend the Droid VPN app for Android users to use for the trick. However, those who wants to use another tunneling should ensure that the apps allow for tunneling on either TCP or UDP protocols. Those who don't understand how these things work should stick to the Droid VPN app.

Follow the setting below and enjoy the free net while its still on. We still have more free net tricks as part of the weekend free Internet. Stay glued to our social channel for more free net tricks.

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1. A Tunisie Tunisia SIM card with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS or PC.
3. Your Droid VPN or any tunneling app of your choice (Find the link below)
4. The configuration settings

1. Click here to download Droid VPN or here to download any tunneling app of your choice.
2. Install the app and then open it.
3. Click on Settings and then go to UDP Settings
4. Now configure this way:
    Remote UDP port: 443
    Local UDP port: 22
    Choose UDP Mode: Mode 1
    TCount: 443
    RCount: 3
5. Return back and then go to TCP and HTTP
6. Now configure this way:
    Remote TCP port: 443
    Local TCP port: 22
    Send HTTP Headers On TCP: Tick
   Set HTTP Headers: Tick
   Now ensure that its on Editor and Generator and then configure as seen below:
   Host: m.h.ttgames.tn
   Request method: Connect
   Injection method: Normal
   Online-Host: Tick
   Keep Alive: Tick
   User Agent: Tick
7. Click on Generate, Validate and then Save
8. Return back and enjoy free Internet access

In case you encounter any issue, disconnect, select another server and reconnect. Alternatively, go back to your Droid VPN, Proxy Settings and configure as seen below:

Enable Proxy: Toggle
Proxy Type: HTTP
Proxy Host: m.h.ttgames.com
Proxy Port: 443

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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