Huawei Devise Sneaky Way To Release New Phones With Google Apps

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Chinese tech giant Huawei might have found a way around the Google ban which restricts it from installing Google Play Store and as well other Google applications such as Gmail, YouTube, etc. For this to work, the Chinese company will keep re-leasing old phones over and over again.

According to Huawei German website (via Huawei Central) the company is working on a new Huawei P30 Pro New Edition. The refreshed device is expected to be released between May 15 and June 30, and will offer a few minor upgrade just as the P30 Lite New Edition and the late 2019 version of the P30 Pro did.

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Though Huawei has been recording good sales in China, the Chinese company have been having difficulties in other countries since the presence of Google apps on any Android device outside China is a big deal. 

Huawei has also created its alternative to the Google Play Store called App Galaxy, and ever since has been wooing developers onto its platform.

By relaunching old device model with refreshed specs and access to the Play Store and Google apps, Huawei seems to be winning the war, for now. However, this won't last forever as the outdated specs will get even older for new customers. Any change of processor will require Google certification.

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