Woman Who Ordered For Fake AirPods Online Shocked To Find Them Bigger Than Her Head

Pappi Hex

An online shopper who ordered for a pair of fake Apple AirPods was stunned when she opened the package and found them to be bigger than her head.

The woman, Aleezy, from Dubai took to Twitter and shared a photo of her giant AirPod. She said that she purchased the AirPods from Amazon, though admitted that she knew they were fake.

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"So today i received my airpods from Amazon. God these are huge," Aleezy said in a tweet. "I got the AirPods from Amazon last month. I knew they were fake because Amazon sells weird stuff, and it wasn't expensive. I was shocked not going to lie, but we move on."

Aleezy explained that she purchased the fake AirPods for £50 which is far from the original that costs in hundreds. 

Her tweet has received over 340,000 likes and over 72,000 retweet.

One commenter said: "Airpods for elephants I guess." Another added: "Are you kidding me? Do they make these for giants too?"

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