October Weekend Free Unlimited Internet Trick For All ISP

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It's the mid-week and we are gearing up for our weekend free unlimited Internet trick for Techfoe readers in different regions.

Last week we posted many free net tricks but didn't cover all the regions that we had in mind. Though, we still have some of last week's free net tricks that we didn't post.

So what should you be expecting in this weekend's free net tricks? Well, we will definitely cover more regions than we did last week. Also, we will post many free net tricks for Techfoe readers in Africa, and a few for some regions in Asia and the Caribbean. 

For now, we can't say the networks that we will be working on unless when we randomly select. However, that shouldn't stop you from telling us about your network, give us info or tips that you think will help in creating free net tricks for you.

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Also, those that have free net tricks and wants to share with us should either indicate in the comment section of this post or hit us up on Telegram. We will start to create free net tricks test configurations once we are finished with this post. 

However, we might not be able to share the test configurations to most of our testers to run it for us because of some Telegram limitations. What we do know is that we will try to make the tricks to you guys on time.

As usual, expect to see free net tricks that we will post openly for our readers on different OS platforms. Also, there some free net tricks which we won't post openly as the others but encrypt them and limit the configurations to Android users alone using the HTTP Injector VPN app.

Interested Techfoe readers on Android should download the Droid VPN app, HTTP Injector, Slow DNS, AnonyTun and Psiphon, while those on other platforms should get similar apps available on their platforms. Find links below.

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Get the requirements shown below and wait for us as we test the free net tricks. Once we are done with the majority of the tests, we will begin to roll them out. For now, stay glued to our site and social channel for updates in regard to the tricks.

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1. Any ISP SIM card in the world with zero data and call credit

2. An Android device, iOS or PC.

3. Your AnonyTun, HTTP Injector, Droid VPN or any tunneling app of your choice (Find the link below)

4. The configuration settings which will be rolled out once they are ready

 Click  here to download any tunneling app of your choice.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.


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  1. We need tricks for Cameroon pleeaaase

  2. Thanks for everything.. please, favour us and avail to us the open configuration settings for pshiphon pro VPN for Ugandan lines mtn Uganda or Airtel uganda.thank you.

  3. Hey,help us with the http configuration settings for pshiphon pro VPN in Uganda.

  4. Avail to us with the http configuration settings for free internet for pshiphon pro on mtn Uganda

  5. Is there anything for Afghanistan

  6. What about Tanzania?

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