Truecaller Launches Guardians App To Help People Keep Track Of Family & Loved Ones

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Truecaller has a new app that allows smartphone users to keep track of loved ones and friends, and see where they are in real-time in the event anything goes wrong. 

Launched last week, the Guardians app comes in handy when you are out exploring new places, walking home alone, meeting someone you don't know for the first time, or taking a late-night cab. The Guardian app will allow you to choose people you trust as your Guardians, to allow them to see where you in case something happens.

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Features of Guardian 

  • Invite your friends & family to be your Guardians. Choose the people you trust to see your location
  • Share your GPS location privately. only your Guardian will be able to see where you are and check on your safety.
  • Setup forever sharing. You can choose to share your location permanently to certain trusted people.
  • Notify your Guardian immediately when you  are feeling unsafe, using the I need help feature
  • Battery life, network strength and phone status can be shared. This can be vital information for your Guardian and safety.

The company assures users that Guardians will never share users' personal information with any third-party apps for commercial use, including its very own Truecaller app.

How to set up the Guardian app

Guardian is very easy to setup. Follow the procedures to get started.

1. Download Guardians from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and then install.

2. If you are already a Truecaller user, you can sign in with one tap. However, new users will need their phone numbers to verify via missed call or OTP.

3. You can then invite the contacts that you want as your guardian via SMS, WhatsApp, etc, to download the Guardian app which will enable them to monitor your locations. 

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From your Guardian app, you can choose when to share/stop sharing your location or set up permanent sharing with selected Guardians.

If you are just sharing your location for a particular trip, Guardian will work quietly in the background. In the event you don't feel safe or are facing an emergency situation, you will tap on the emergency button to alert your guardians about your location and situation.

In Emergency Mode, your Guardians will be notified and will be able to precisely follow your location, know when you've reached your location, or be able to send help.

In the future, the Emergency mode will also have the ability to share your location with volunteer Guardians who may be in the vicinity where you are seeking help. 

Also, accepting help from the community is your choice. Soon, Guardian users will be able to get help from local enforcement through the app when they are in danger.

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