A Woman's Guide to Summoner's Rift

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League of Legends (LOL) is a famous Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that you can try out as a newbie gamer, although it takes a lot of skill to master. LOL is arguably the world's largest eSports, with its 2019 championship recording a whopping 100 million-plus viewers. You can play LOL in three permanent game modes, namely ARAM, Teamfight Tactics, and Summoner's Rift.

Summoner's is League of Legends' flagship game mode and is the most popular in professional-level play. It’s the oldest and most revered Field of Justice in LOL. The Summoner's game is located in a remote forest between the Serpentine River, Ironspine Mountains, and Freljord. Starting as a female LOL player can be challenging due to the many things you must know about before mastering this particular LOL mode. Below is a comprehensive guide regarding everything you should know about the Summoner's game.

Main Objective and Gameplay


The main objective of the game is destroying the enemy's Nexus, located in its team base. The Purple team and Blue Team begin the game, each with five champions who must fight through one of three lanes to assault the enemy team's structures and champions. However, several minions travel across these lanes, which are also defended by many turrets. Each turret becomes stronger the closer it gets to its Nexus, and you must eliminate every turret to access the next turret in the lane. In addition, there’s a river that halves the map diagonally and a jungle between these lanes that contains numerous neutral monsters players can exploit for bounties. As a beginner, understanding League of Legends gameplay is undoubtedly crucial if you want to familiarize yourself with all the objectives, characters, and item builds. Helpful websites such as HotSpawn will come in handy when seeking information, guides, and tutorials on LOL.

HotSpawn is a leading eSports website offering professional eSports players, fans, and casual gamers the latest eSports tools, news, analysis, and information on popular games like CS: GO, Dota 2, Valorant, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Overwatch. Their beginner's guide to the Summoner's game provides all there is to know to get started as a new LOL player. You can select one of 148 different champions to start the game with, each champion having its unique set of abilities. Also, all champions fit within a specific role, such as bot lane or marksman, jungle, top lane, support, and mid lane.

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Many experts recommend having some variation in damage types when forming your team and selecting the right summoner spells to give you a competitive advantage, so keep this in mind. After loading your game, your champion will prepare to battle on this game to destroy the enemy Nexus. Besides the Nexus, you can also destroy turrets and inhibitors to gain rewards. Also, your team has six jungle camps that the jungler typically takes as a means of income. The Gromp and three other jungle camps generate gold, while the Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback camps grant temporary bonus stats. In addition, always look to kill elemental dragons, rift heralds, the Baron Nasher, and Elder Dragon to gain special Buffs that give you various advantages throughout the game.

The Map

The game covers the entire main screen, containing three lines where all the action takes place. These lines are the Top, Mid, and Bot lines. At the Top line, a maximum of two players can enter, making characters like Jax, Garen, and Poppy perfect for this line. Also, players must face each other at the Midline, so champions like Katarina are best since they can cause significant magic damage. Knowing your way around the map and the best characters to use at different lines is crucial to a great LOL gaming experience. However, you can make your gaming sessions more relaxing and fun by investing in various Delta 8 products. Trusted brands such as Delta North can help with this need.

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This game takes place in a remote forest between one of the few Valoran locations with a high concentration of magical energy. Also, the forest where the Rift is was the site of many battles during Runeterra's Rune Wars. In addition, the Rift is also the battleground where many of Valoran's most significant political decisions have been made since LOL's inception. Comfort is undoubtedly crucial to a great gaming experience, so it’s essential to invest in comfortable gear and wear comfortable clothes while playing. In addition, you can purchase quality and comfortable clothing for everyday wear, like durable and comfortable bras that offer excellent support throughout your day.

In summary, the Summoner's game mode is undoubtedly worth mastering to get started as a League of Legends player. The above-listed points are some essential things you should know about this game.


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