Career Paths For People Who Like Computers

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If you're good with computers, this can open up many different career paths and employment opportunities, whether you're pursuing a highly technical role or you're considering a job that allows you to earn money while you're playing your favorite games.

When you're looking for careers where you can work directly with computers, software, or tech hardware, it's important to know where to start and the best way to prepare yourself for your future career. So here's what you should keep in mind when you're looking out for computer-centric career opportunities.

Become a pro gamer.


You might not immediately think of eSports when you're considering a career that's focused on computer skills, but when you dig a bit deeper, it makes sense. After all, independent streamers and eSports professionals have to use their computing know-how to make the right PC gaming rigs. Plus, many eSports tournaments focus on PC-centric games. So even if you prefer using a controller when you're gaming, you'll probably still end up playing on PC for certain games, which means that you need the right system if you want to keep up with the gaming elite.

This also means that you'll need to research your favorite games. Whether you're playing CS:GO or Apex Legends, or you're looking up the best TFT builds (Teamfight Tactics), you're going to have to master tactics, strategies, and late-game builds if you want to succeed. Whether you're working on your meta game, testing a new build, perfecting late-game runs, or deploying defensive items in live matches, there's always more to learn. So although you might not need a bachelor's degree in computer science to become a professional gamer, you can still apply those skills to your gaming career.

Become a network engineer.

If you've ever felt the urge to Google "how to become a network engineer," you're not alone. Network engineers are often in high demand, and a network engineer job typically pays well. Plus, a network engineer or network administrator position often comes with helpful benefits that encourage you to continue developing yourself professionally. But, of course, all of these perks mean that you need to have the right education to secure a top position.

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For starters, you'll need a bachelor's degree for many positions. You'll also need to earn the requisite workforce experience to make you a better candidate for any given position. It helps to decide on your career path, too. Whether you're looking into network security or you're interested in becoming a network technician, deciding on your path can help you find the appropriate courses for your career interest.

It also helps to pick up general knowledge concerning information systems, professional certificates, and other specialization tips to guide you to a successful career as a network engineer.

Create applications as a software developer.


Not interested in a role as a network engineer? Don't want to work in a lab? Then you might want to consider working as a software developer. Software developers are responsible for many of your favorite apps, video games, and interfaces. While you might not create the world's next must-have killer app on your first try, many industries require effective, talented software developers. You should also bring innovative ideas to the table to analyze user and consumer needs, identify knowledge gaps, and develop software solutions that remedy user problems.

Whether you've got years of experience and you're ready for a career change, or you're looking for the best units to take in your computer engineering degree path, there are ways to find gainful employment working with computers and software systems. From sharpening your Dawnbringer Karma build or building up experience as a network engineer, there are ways to take the next step on your career path.


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