LMS Trends in Vogue for 2021

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Learning Management Systems are aplenty and for a good reason. They are needed to aid the training programs for employees and generate data, which when used properly can lead to a better understanding of the requirements of employee training.

Elearning tools, like all digital products, have grown incredibly. Even training content authoring tools like the iSpring Suite now offer a fantastic variety of features that allow course creators to add interactive and engaging courses, quizzes, role-plays, and video lessons. It only makes sense that other eLearning tools like learning management systems are keeping up.

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In 2021, the following trends are expected to be in limelight considering the last few years in the LMS arena-

  • Blended learning-

In the light of the pandemic, the use of an LMS has almost become imminent. They have helped the organizations that were not that tech-savvy, to begin with, to continue their employee training initiatives. 2021 is likely to see the continuance with the trend of blended learning and even after regular activity starts. Traditional methods of training blended along with e-learning activities are expected to rise in the time to come.

  • Quality Content-

High-quality and efficient content is expected to be on the rise. This will be based on the principles of instructional design. Learning science as a whole is expected to be in focus. Robust Content that can withstand the ever-changing requirements of training programs is the need of the hour. 

  • Immersive Content-

Immersive content is the one that aids in being able to connect with what you are seeing. This can be achieved with the help of VR( Virtual Reality) and AR(Augmented Reality) technologies. Immersion as seen by the above-mentioned technologies can be of two types:

  •  The first one being, step in immersion, the one where with the help of a relevant headset, you step into the immersive story.

  • The second one is the step-out immersion, where the story itself steps out of the digital world with the help of a smartphone camera.

  • Humanization of content-

The activities such as creating content using the names and voices of real people rather than virtual assistants and VILT( Virtual Instructor-Led Training ) sessions using the whiteboards aim at the humanization of the content for its consumption. This trend is expected to be on the rise to counter the loneliness which is generally associated with e-learning.

  • Instructor training-

In the wake of the pandemic, the instructors that were providing the in-person training will be required to provide online training. And for this purpose, they need to be trained, as it is a much different experience and also requires a different skillset to impart online training. The organizations are likely to promote remote training after they have already experienced its benefits. 

  • More analytics-

LMS helps gather the relevant information of the different users, such as trainees, trainers, and administrators and analyze it to come up with inferences about training programs and help better them. Although analytics has seen a rising trend for the last few years, this year it is expected to rise even more and allow the companies to increase their ROIs by analyzing data about the experiences of learners and presenting them in more suitable formats.

  • Flexibility in training-

During the pandemic of COVID 19, companies were forced to provide remote training even if they were not doing so before. Once the trainees have got the taste of it they would be expecting flexibility in training in the future as well. And the companies after witnessing the advantages of the same would likely agree. Thus, flexibility in training is a trend that is expected to grow more. 

  • User-generated content-

The user-generated content in the form of photographs, videos, tweets, Q&A forums, reviews, and virtual communities helps aid the training process for the better and has been on the rise. This trend is likely to rise further this year.

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