Intermediate Tips For Countering VALORANT Agents

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RIOT Games have created a masterpiece in the already competitive battle royale first-person shooting gaming genre. They certainly deserve all the applauds and accolades they are getting because of Valorant. Valorant quickly sets itself apart from other games in the genre as a fun tactical shooting game, and one of the main reasons for that is the playable agents that are available for one to choose from in Valorant.

In Valorant, you will be offered several different agents with unique characteristics and abilities to enjoy the gameplay. And while their abilities can easily change the tide of a game, there are also several ways you can combat these abilities and nerf these agents when used correctly. You can follow- for more intermediate tips for countering Valorant agents. Apart from this, here are some tips on how to play against some of the agents available at Valorant. 

Tips against Astra

Astra is a controller that can confuse her enemies by recalling a star anywhere on the map. Regular smokes last for 15 seconds, but Astra's smoke lasts for only 2 seconds, which leaves the hiding enemy exposed. The easiest way to tackle this is by waiting for at least 2 seconds before you take cover in the smoke.

The best way to combat Astra is by increasing the pace of your gameplay. Astra is a strategist, and you will unlikely find yourself in open combat with Astra. By increasing your speed, you can stop Astra from carefully creating a strategy against you and make mistakes, which you can take advantage of.


A breach is an Initiator that has an excellent range to target his enemies. A breach can easily target an enemy that is visible at a fair distance. By easily stunning an enemy at a great distance, Breach can quickly move to that location and kill the stunned agent. The easiest way to tackle Breach is by always staying at a safe angle so that he cannot target you easily.

A breach can also blind you by using flashpoint, so try to avoid that from happening. If you are blinded, don't shoot straight but at an angle to deter enemies from approaching you.


Brimstone is a controller which has a limited range that can be taken advantage of. Unlike Astra, if you see artificial smoke, you can make an educated guess that Brimstone is in the nearby location, not at the other end of the map. But do be careful as Brimstone is excellent in close-quarter combat.

Make use of the Rapidfire ability given to every agent, both friendly and enemy, who enter the field after Brimstone's Stim Beacon is activated. This grants the agent an increased firing rate, and they can also switch their weapons quicker. But experienced Brimstone players can also take advantage of this, so be careful when stalking Brimstone.


Cypher is a sentinel who uses his invisible tripwires to control the flow of the game according to his liking. These invisible tripwires can easily limit the movement of enemy agents if they try to approach Cypher and make them an easy target for the counterattack.

Be extra careful when you approach Cypher, especially when you do not know his whereabouts. As soon as you get near the tripwire, you can listen to its sound, which might help you locate it and also the Cypher.

Cypher also has another ability, and that is Spycam, through which he can keep track of his enemies. You can destroy this invisible Spycam as it does not stay invisible when Cypher is looking through it.


Jett is a duelist who specializes in taking down an enemy that is right in front of her. And while it is daunting when she dashes toward you, you can still kill her if you are smart about it. It takes Jett almost a second to get her gun out, and you can use that time to kill her before she is able to react.

Another thing you should be careful with Jett is always prepared to get attacked from high ground. Jett players take great advantage of her ability to attack enemies from creative angles and hit enemies accurately even she is in the air.


Killjoy is one of the sentinels that have a lot of abilities that she uses against her enemies. The intelligent thing to do would be to destroy Killjoy's abilities from a safe distance, but you can also be invisible and get past them without any worry as most of her abilities requires line of sight to activate.

Do keep in mind that Killjoy is a powerful foe even without her abilities, and you might be in for long combat to take her down. Be prepared for that when you face Killjoy.

Above are some ways you counter maneuver some of the top agents in Valorant.

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