WhatsApp Will Block Your Account If You Have This Messaging App On Your Smartphone

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Popular messaging service WhatsApp has issued a warning to users on its platform, threatening the block of accounts of users that decides to go with an unofficial version of the messaging app.

WhatsApp might be the most popular messaging app on the planet, there are some features that its users crave which isn't on the messaging service. And that's where GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and other modded versions of WhatsApp come in. 

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GBWhatsApp for example offers features not found on WhatsApp itself. Users of this clone app can send more photos in a single bundle, auto-reply to text messages, hide read receipts while still being able to see other's read status, see deleted status of others, and even download the status in one tap, and many other exciting features.

However, one of the top features that seem to draw more users is the "show blue ticks after reply". This feature when enabled, the blue tick will only be shown when you reply to a chat.

WhatsApp has warned that users will be blocked from the messaging app if they download third-party copycats to use the service.

"If you received an in-app message stating your account is "Temporiraily banned" this means that you're likely using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app," WhatsApp said in a blog post. "If you don't switch to the official app after being temporarily banned, your account might be permanently banned from using WhatsApp."

Also, the Facebook-owned app notes that the use of any of the copycat apps violates its terms of service which is designed to protect users from security-related concerns.

"Unsupported apps, such as WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, or apps that claim to move your WhatsApp chats between phones, are altered versions of  WhatsApp. These unofficial apps are developed by their parties and violate our Terms of Service. WhatsApp doesn't support these third-party apps because we can't validate their security practices," WhatsApp added.

Since GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and other WhatsApp modded versions are just clones, you won't find them on the Google Play Store. Instead, Android users head bent on downloading such apps will risk downloading malware since there also other moded versions of GB WhatsApp out there other than the main app.

As a result, Android users with interest in such apps will have to disable some of the security of their phones so as to be able to install the app onto their smartphones. Such was the case with WhatsApp Pink, a WhatsApp clone that stole many users' data and gave hackers access to their phones.

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