All You Need To Know About WhatsApp's New Three Tick Feature

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With over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the world's most popular messaging application. People around the globe depend on this Meta-owned messaging service which facilitates over 100 billion daily messages exchanged on its platform.

Privacy-focused WhatsApp has greatly improved over the years and brought about new features and functionalities to its apps on Android, iOS, PC, and even the Web. While we close in on the long-awaited "Multi-device" mode expected to arrive on WhatsApp anytime soon, the company is in the works to add another feature.

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Dubbed WhatsApp third blue tick, the feature is aimed at increasing security as they add a third check or blue checkmark that adds to the two existing ones.

Currently, WhatsApp blue tick works this way: When you send a message over WhatsApp the first tick indicates that the message has been sent but not received. This usually happens when the recipient's smartphone is switched off or has no Internet access. The second indicates that the message has reached the recipient but hasn't been read.

However, the ticks will remain grey until the message has been read by the recipient, and then they will turn from grey to blue...hence the famous "WhatsApp blue tick". Users can also deactivate this feature if they do not want people to know when sent messages have been read. But then, what is the talk about this rumoured Whatsapp three blue tick feature?

WhatsApp's New Three Tick Feature 

According to Infobae (via Marca), WhatsApp's third blue tick will appear to notify users in a group that one user has taken a screenshot of the chat. The idea for this third blue tick "aims to increase privacy control, and thus, alert users that their messages may be shared with third parties."

When a screenshot is taken, the following notification will appear: "User (xxx) took a screenshot. For your safety, do not provide any kind of personal information, you may be a victim of fraud or extortion".

When Will WhatsApp's New Three Tick Feature Be Available For Users 

For now, this is just a rumoured feature that isn't even available in the beta version of WhatsApp, though Infobae says the feature should be expected in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. You can bypass this by disabling all permissions on WhatsApp or getting a modded Whatsapp unless your an iphone user then this is sad news for you

    1. True. But then you stand the risk of getting banned for life on the WhatsApp platform.

    2. No such thing, been using modded whatsapp find 3 years and zero bans.

    3. Lol....WhatsApp do ban people from time to time bro. I too have been using the modded version of WhatsApp since 2014 and i can tell you hat WhatsApp do clamp down on people form time to time.

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