Angry Saudi Man Divorces Newly Married Wife For Blocking Him On WhatsApp

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Some weeks ago, we reported how sending someone on WhatsApp the love emoji in Saudi Arabia would land you jail time. And just when we thought that was one of the weirdest WhatsApp messenger news, a Saudi man has divorced his newly married wife for blocking him on WhatsApp. Yup, it doesn't get weirder than this.

According to court papers from the Jeddah Civil Status Court, the man got marrrid to the woman and paid a dowry of SR50,000 along with some gold. The couples agreed that the wedding will take place at a later time, but a dispute arose between the two which led to the end of the marriage.

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Reports by local newspaper Okaz (via Gulf News) says the dispute escalated and the man's wife blocked him on WhatsApp. 

"We have reached a situation where my wife blocked me on WhatsApp. I could not communicate with her, and had to call her father but to no avail," the man told the court. "This is why I am asking my wife to either come back home or return the dowry and gold I gave to her."

The court ruled in the man's favour and ordered the wife to return the dowry and gold given to her by the husband.

However, the wife's father said that the man's behaviour made his daughter to hate him, and that his daughter wanted to finish her education first before moving to his house. The plaintiff denied all the accusations made by his father in-law.

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